LED Light Bulb,Energy Saving Lamp

Sur Light Laboratory

Sur has more than 10 engineers and 20 assistant engineers to work on new products development and current products optimization. 2 experienced project specialists are working with customers closely to sort out application and performance requirements. Thanks to their effort, Sur has 3 invention patents and 10 new practical patents now. 
 The R&D jobs were carried and verified by Sur's laboratory, which was accredited as manufacturer's premises laboratory by TUV. The testing system including
 Equipment setting
 Testing process
 Daily maintenance
 Data management
 Orientation training
adopted standards set by TUV Rheinland.

 Program implemented by the laboratory includes IEC Standard, National Standard and clients' requirements. Testing items covered performance and safety testing to finished products such as photoelectric, EMS, EMI, ROHS, mechanical performance, lighting distribution and lifetime. Meanwhile, we have in-house testing items for key material in products such as triode, LED chips.
SUR LIGHTING Tel:+86 515 6899 5899 / Fax:+86 515 6899 5906   South-eastern Industrial zone, Tinghu district, Yancheng, Jiangsu province, China